(6+)Home Based Business in Bangladesh For Anyone

During this epidemic situation when thousands of employees lost their jobs, many unemployed people discovered qualified jobs online. There are still many unemployed and jobless people in Bangladesh. That is why many unemployed people, including young students, are being attracted to home businesses.

Working from home is very easy and fresh. You can give your 100% without stress. So if you want to start your own business, you should definitely try these 6 home-based businesses.

Home-Based Businesses in Bangladesh You Can Start

People are looking for ways to use remote work to become entrepreneurs, converting their home into their business headquarters. In Bangladesh, people with inappropriate knowledge of the Internet are struggling to find out what home-based business, how to start.

Home based business is new to the people of Bangladesh. We haven’t been able to make ourselves online-based yet. But those who have proper knowledge can easily make their way with the best business ideas.

So, sharing business ideas for young entrepreneurs is a part of our job.

6 home-based business concepts in Bangladesh:

  1. Freelancing
  2. Online Tutor
  3. Online Reseller Business
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Content Writing
  6. Sell Products Online


Freelancing is one of the best home-based business ideas for everyone. It’s a lot like a free agent who provides services to anyone online. In today’s world where online is becoming increasingly active, people can dream of working online independently from home.

Freelancing means working freely for clients Home/abroad. A freelancer gets all the benefits that an employee does not get. In freelancing, a person is free to choose the job of his choice.

Interestingly, a freelancer earns more a year than a government employee. You don’t have to worry about your age in this sector because people of all ages are free to work in this sector. As long as you have experience you will get work and money.

Online Tutor

Are you fluent in English? Do you consider yourself a mathematician, or do you have a good knowledge of other subjects? If your answer is yes, then online tutor is definitely one of the home based businesses you are looking for.

During this epidemic situation in Bangladesh, every parent is extra careful about sending their children to coaching centers. And it can be a golden opportunity to build your own teaching business. Teaching students online is safe as well as very comfortable for you. Because this way you don’t have to come in direct contact with your students.

Online Reseller Business

As we know that reseller business is a concept of reselling products bought from manufacturers or wholesalers. In Bangladesh, Reselling business is a fresh start and among our people, young entrepreneurs are showing their interest in this business.

Since this business doesn’t hold any loss for you, you can easily start your business online. All you have to do is find potential customers and get them to buy products from you. You don’t have to worry about the delivery since it will be done by your reseller company.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a homebased business Idea. It is an Independent business where you can freely Influence online users to buy products through you. Since this business needs only a stable Internet Connection and a Computer/ Laptop, you can easily start this business from home.

To be honest, Instead of a business, Affiliate Marketing is an Independent work. You just have to associate yourself with an Affiliate Programme and start Influencing Customers.

Content Writing

Now this is a business where you can show-off your creativity in writing. Content Writing can be considered both business and work. It’s a work that can be done in both Online or Offline. To make it your business you can associate yourself with some famous websites or companies and sell them your unique contents for profits.

You can avoid the writing part by hiring some premium writers. Written Contents have different values in the online market. Such as you can sell the same content for even more profits than previous. But be sure to sell premium content writing services to receive trust and more work.

Sell Products Online

In this business concept you’ll need to do Invests. It’s more like an e-commerce business. Buy products from wholesalers and sell them to online buyers at retail prices. Thinks you’ll have to manage in this business:


  • Buy products at the lowest possible rate for maximum profit. And buy good quality products for more sales.
  • Start with a limited amount of products.
  • Product warehousing
  • Create an online webpage or social page to market your product.
  • Showcase product samples in front of audiences via Social Live.
  • Contact a courier service near you to manage online deliveries.

Since you’re looking for more “home-based” business ideas during this epidemic, this content has been created with online users in mind. Nowadays, starting a business requires more consideration than before. And if you are looking for a business idea where you can make a profit while you are at home it is even more unusual.

However, it is becoming more prevalent with the epidemic situation. Nowadays in Bangladesh, people are starting to discover the online world more and more. It is taking our young generation to a new world.

And with that in mind, the idea of starting home and online business is becoming more and more acceptable to young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. And that is why it is our duty to help young entrepreneurs develop their business ideas. That’s how our purpose has brought us to this conclusion through this content.

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